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Thunder Before White Fire

First Strike

In the lands of Dainorn they say death is like lightning... scars the thunder that warns those struck to be wary of death creeping up on them again...

Aron Skyhawk is a blacksmith, once a general, and now finding the peaceful life of a civilian is hard to accept. But one night he is awoken by sudden pain, and discovers a mark like a just-healed scar has appeared upon him.

Certain that danger comes to the town that is his home, he tries to get them to prapare, but they ignore his warning as the ramblings of a frustrated former soldier. But like thunder the mark is indeed a warning, a warning that the white fire of lightning is about to strike.

Left as the sole survivor of the portended attack, Aron watches as the strange man-like creatures turn and leave to whence they came, wondering just how it was that he alone cheated death...

In the lands of Dainorn they say death is like lightning. Impossible to predict, and yet somehow Aron did...


Rumble of Warning

Finally placing his trust in those around him, Aron has revealed the secret he's carried since the destruction of Grey Tor. While still unknowing of the reasons for his strange power to foresee his impending death and evade it, he at least now begins to understand it.

No longer afraid of the warnings, he and his companions set off
seeking allies against the Horde and their as yet unseen masters.

Led by Mika and Sanaro, that road will take them right into the heard of a land bound by the prejudice of a thousand years...

Prejudice the twins intend to see broken...

Blaze of Revelation

(Summary not yet available)

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